Polk Monitor XT30

High-Resolution Center Channel Speaker

  • Engineering and designed in the USA
  • Great sound for every room
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Built to last

The Centerpiece of Your System

Clear, Focused Hi-Res Sound

Monitor XT30 maximizes your enjoyment of movies, TV and gaming with crystal clear, focused dialogue, effortless bass, and dynamic, high-resolution sound. Hi-Res Audio Certified, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible, and in a modern, affordable design, the MXT30 fulfills the Polk promise of great sound for all.


Hi-Res Audio-Certified Performance

Monitor XT30’s Terylene dome tweeter enables playback beyond the range of human hearing—up to 40kHz—ensuring an airy, clear, high-end energy and spaciousness that you’ll not only hear but feel. Its high-resolution performance is perfect for the enjoyment of sound found in ultra-HD movies, multi-channel concert videos, and spatial audio mixed for Apple Music, Dolby Atmos, or DTS:X.

Surprisingly Effortless Bass

Polk has always been known for speakers that produce effortless bass that’s surprising for their size. The MXT30 is no exception. Dual 5.25” high-efficiency, dynamically balanced woofers provide a clean, open mid-range and punchy, responsive bass, with low distortion—leaving voices and music clear while filling concerts and movie and game sounds with impact.

Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible

Compatible with the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound enabled AV receivers and 4- & 8-ohm amplifiers, Monitor XT does not require specialized equipment to deliver great sound.

Built for Pure Listening

All Monitor XT models are made for the enjoyment of pure sound: Their nickel-plated binding posts guarantee a direct, lossless connection; low-resonance, critically braced, MDF cabinets isolate the sound of the woofer and tweeter without adding unwanted resonances; and their removable, precision-fit grilles minimize sonic interference.


Best Speaker System for Home Theatre

"High Resolution at an incredible price!"

  • Specifications
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Tech Specs


  • Width
    19.9" (48.3 cm)
  • Qty Included
  • Height
    6.50" (16.6 cm)
  • Depth
    8.13" (20.7 cm)
  • Weight
    13lbs (5.9 kg)
  • • (1) 1" Terylene Dome Tweeter
    • (2) 5-¼" Bi-laminate Paper
  • Enclosure Type
    Rear port
  • Lower and Upper -3dB Limits
    77 Hz → 26,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter)
    89dB SPL
  • Total Frequency Response
    55 Hz → 40,000 Hz
  • Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel
    30 watts → 200 watts
  • Tweeter/Midrange Crossover Frequency
    2500 Hz
  • Inputs
    Single nickel-plated 5-way binding posts


  • Available Finishes
    Matte black