Add bigger, more realistic bass impact to your sound system with a Polk Audio subwoofer.

Subwoofer Collections

  • Power Port® Enhanced Subwoofers

    Powerful deep bass for home theatre and music listening - HTS Subwoofers deliver massive effecient bass with patented Power Port® technology.

Featured Technology

Power Port® Technology

Patented bass venting designs eliminate turbulence and distortion for bigger, more efficient bass impact.

Expertly Crafted

Premium components, high-quality materials and unique construction techniques provide long-lasting durability and clean, clear sound.

Polk Room Optimizer™ (PRO)

With the DSW PRO Series, you can choose one of four preset "room optimizers" from the remote controller, and Polk's exclusive PRO™ technology programmes in the optimal bass and blending setting for your room.

Legendary Sound Quality

Powered by over 40 years of audio heritage, proprietary Dynamic Balance® design technology produces powerful bass performance.

There are a variety of subwoofer placement options:


HTS Subwoofers

No chuff… only the good stuff.

The New Polk HTS Subwoofers-available in 10" and 12" long-throw driver sizes-roar to life with that high-power amplification you crave. And with our patented Power Port technology, you get a visceral big bass experience that's always clean and clear.