Turn Up the Volume with Our

HiFi Sound

High fidelity-or HiFi-is a term synonymous with speakers and audio equipment in general, but only the stuff of high-quality. The kind of gear that negates unwanted noise and distortion, all whilst giving you the detailed response that's so key to hearing and feeling the impact of our great sound.

HiFi Listening Brings

Sound to Life

A complete music listening experience should feel authentic, like your right there with the band or artist-whether they're in the studio or performing live. Because when you're hearing sound that's real and visceral whilst still remaining pleasant with each listen-sound that's essentially transportive-that's when you know HiFi is working its hardest.

Getting to the Heart of

How You HiFi

Speakers often rely on other components to help drive the HiFi experience home. That's why amplifiers, receivers, turntables, digital media players and more are important pieces to your HiFi audio setup. Just note that there are a range of brands that engineer these products to connect to ours and power sound in your home-all with varying levels of performance. Whatever you decide though, with Polk you're always assured great sound is the end result.

High-Resolution Audio Performance

Our newly designed Terylene tweeter delivers clear and detailed high-end response for improved vocals in movies and music - plus, a minimum support of 40kHz to perfectly reproduce the latest high-resolution audio files with improved audio extension. It's like you're right there in the studio or concert hall with the artist, hearing all the music you love in a whole new way.

More HiFi Truths to Keep in Mind

Remember, that it's all about great sound quality when it comes to HiFi. And the audio innovations we've seen throughout the decades have offered many ways to enjoy it. Traditional HiFi analogue sources and signals have evolved into a digital sound experience, where HiFi audio is becoming more integrated into computerized formats. But wherever the future leads, know that your Polk speakers ensure a true HiFi experience whenever you listen.

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