May 08, 2018

Make Great Sound Part of Your Outdoor Decor

When you're incorporating outdoor speakers into your porch, garden or swimming pool area, go for a combination of attractive looks and quality performance.

Music lovers often give the utmost care and attention into making the audio in their living rooms and vehicles  powerful and immersive. But what about when you're hosting a cookout on the patio or kicking back poolside and want to enjoy some tunes? Selecting outdoor speakers that both sound and look great will help you set the perfect atmosphere.

What outdoor speakers are right for your home?

You have a number of options when purchasing speakers you can take to the great outdoors. Patio speakers are ideal for bringing sound to your deck, porch or swimming pool area. Choose a look that fits with the overall vibe of the space, and test out a few placements to ensure you can hear clearly from various spots.

With the right technology, you can experience the full power of music across your outdoor space. The speakers in the  Atrium Series, for example, stand up to the elements throughout the year — aluminum grilles prevent rusting, and stainless steel and brass hardware resist damage. Even outdoors, Atrium speakers offer exceptionally detailed sound, thanks to Dynamic Balance and optimization technology, along with water-resistant  Power Port bass venting to boost the low-end output.

For fuller bass, add the Atrium Sub10 to your outdoor listening area. This 200W subwoofer is housed in a molded and sealed resin enclosure that's acoustically optimized and can be painted to fit unobtrusively into your decor. An included direct burial pigtail cable means you never have to worry about mishaps with exposed wiring.

Features you want for amazing sound anywhere

If you want to share your favorite music wherever you go, look for a durable portable speaker that can perform in nearly any environment. Polk  Swimmer Duo speakers are waterproof in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes, sealed off from dirt and dust and have a shockproof rubberized exterior. A flexible tail and suction cup attachment allow you to position a speaker almost anywhere. The Swimmer Duo powers music when you’re hanging poolside and is small enough to take along on a hike, bike ride, paddleboard excursion or any other expedition.

Rechargeable speakers with wireless connectivity provide the versatility necessary to take quality audio with you, whether you're doing chores in the garden or headed to the park. By taking advantage of easy linking, a pair of Swimmer Duos can function as true stereo speakers.

Outdoor speakers provide the freedom to listen to music outside your home and wherever you go. Browse the  full selection of speakers available from Polk and find the ones that suit your lifestyle.